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A freakin' men.


Glad you saw my post and could use the thought. Don Surber and Instapundit have been good to me in my blogging career.
I'm content to write and hope it's seen. That makes the link on Instapundit so enjoyable.

Abigayle Soderstrom

In this sphere, (and as long as the written platform dominates) each letter counts. At least, that holds true until you realize that you can write without having to join the "race" - that you can still write for yourself and for the few people out there who genuinely read you.


Thank you for this post-it might not be directly relevant, but just to share: I had a rather bitter email exchange with this arrogant and hostile blogger Bon Crowder from mathfour.com . And yes I realised its best to simply junk her future messages to avoid wasting unnecessary conflicts.

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