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Thank you. I don't personally believe that "deem and pass" is unConstitutional (wrong, cowardly, futile, and dangerous, yes; unConstitutional, no) but that doesn't mean I'm not concerned about process. So I appreciate your articulating so well exactly what is troublesome (okay, enraging) about Obama's stance.

I sometimes feel like I've wandered into some alternate universe where everything I learned and believed about the primacy of the Constitution, about the importance of process, about the sheer common sense of realizing that if you cheat today your opponents will cheat tomorrow, was some weird dream I had one night.

I find myself often thinking of what Ben Franklin is reported to have said in response to being asked what form of government the Constitutional Convention had given us: A republic, if you can keep it. What is a republic except a process by which we live together and make decisions together? Destroy the process and you destroy the republic.

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