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Thank you for writing this. I very much enjoyed it and can also not believe he wasn't at all mentioned in the recent movie. He was a great man, thanks for letting others know a little more about him.


I just read your post - I wondered why there was no mention of Bonhoeffer and the other cospirators in the film. Congratulations on your message!

Doug Miller

Bonhoeffer was a pacifist, but apparently came to believe the assassination of Hitler was an acceptable course (clearly troubling to him, though). Do we have any record of his thought process around that? Did he express any regret over that decision, or give any indication that he later thought it was a mistake or wrong?

Thomas Jerome Newton

you forget one thing, there were catholics, especially jesuits that fought hitler as well as atheists. On the other hand, Himmler wnted a return to paganisma nd hitler was perfectly willing to include them into his pan germanic church as long as they didn't scare off the christians. Th e Vatican was uneasily more aligned with Franco's facism, Croatian Ustashe and Mussolini than the Nazis due to the unity of a national church.

On the other hand before you parade up and down for protestantism, I suggest you read what martin Luther had to say about the jews. And how he betrayed the peasants when they took his words to ehart and started a revolt.


Hi! This is a great article. I've just been reading a new book about Bonhoeffer, and was wondering if I could copy this article and post it on my blog (giving credit and links to you). Please let me know! Thanks! :)



I have really enjoyed reading this entry. I was able to visit Flossenburg just a few weeks ago during an extended stay in Bavaria. It was gut wrenching walking through and hearing about the brutality. I don't think many people realize that Flossenburg was created to work prisoners to death and that in just a few short years more than 30,000 were killed. I was glad to see they acknowledged Bonhoeffer. There is a memorial set up for him in the chapel. I plan on linking to your article when I post my pictures.

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