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Chris Lowe

You're quite right. There's no evidence or information about motives or even aims yet, that I've been able to find, beyond speculation.

What's interesting is that here in Oregon at least some of the unwarranted speculation apparently is motivated by resentment of Republican/rightwing terrorist smears against Barack Obama & more general imputations of disloyalty / anti-Americanness to "the left" (i.e. right wing MEOW in your terms), some of it set off by a statement by the chairman of the Oregon Republican Party, who knows the elder of the Turnidges arrested, expressing disbelief that he could have done what is alleged because he's "pro-American" and against "that sort of violence."

This kind of tit-for-tat accusatory thinking just shows that the paranoid style in American politics, as Richard Hofstadter put it 45 years ago, still lives.

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