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What are you so afraid of...discovering the truth? Why don't you read more, PROPERLY, before spouting your silliness. Probably you are incapable of sensible discussion....that must be it.
Islam reached the 'Americas' well before the Spanish arrived with Muslims travelling from the western shores of Europe and Africa. They integrated with the native people they found there developing trade and cultural links. They intermarried and have blood ties with what are today called Native Americans. The Human Genome project on DNA will, no doubt, highlight this fact for those who have some wisdom and understanding. EEk, you must be so closed off and ignorant, open your mind heart, if you have one.


Ibn means "Son of"; so this Ramadhan is the "Son of" Watie of the Cherokees, and not Watie himself.

Prime Director

Ruby's faith-based approach to cultural anthropology leaves a lot to be desired.

I had a professor who called this methodology "proof by hand-waving."


I don't know if you've looked furter that just muslimwiki

because all you're saying is wrong

The runaway slave did not bring the islam in america
the moors did and there a lot of evidence about that.

And the Arabs aready knew that the world was round.

In fact a hole lot of peolpe knew that before Columbus : The Chinese
The Aboriginals
The Zulu tribe
The Olmecs
The Indonesians
And hole lot of nations
and tribes

I Recommend you to go to this site: http://rupeenews.com/2007/11/27/reds-have-greed-roots/

An example of that site:

House and building Structures

Archaeological excavations conducted throughout North America and NorthAfrica reveala corresponding architecturalresemblance between ninthcentury buildings. The structure of a Berber house of the Atlas Mountains, Morocco , for instance, is exactly the same as that of a house in New Mexico . The same similarity can be traced between the Castle of Montezuma discovered in Arizona and the remnants found in Mesa Verdein Colorado and the general structure of Berber buildings .

and there is more evidence like: pictures of the buildings
arab world maps of that time and so on
visit that site and see for you're self
Before you say something wrong

Moin Ansari

Please also review "They Came Before Columbus" as well as Admiral Zeng He (Chinese Muslim).

Please note diaries of Christopher Columbus.

The Ponzone Brothers (Syrian Arab ancestry) were captain of at least two the ships.

Columbus sailed from Muslim Spain (where they were escaping the Inquisition)and many of the sailors were Muslim.

Mali ships also visited America before Columbus.

Sign of Muslim mosques have been found all over South America.

New Mexico carvings of Arabic words and images date back way before Columbus.

There is an entire bibliography on this posted on Rupee News

Editor Rupee News


Yes, there were africans and muslims here before the white man. It is hard for the man who forced his will upon the land of the original man in Africa and the original man in America to believe this. because of the white man arrogance and channel vision, he can't see past his own intentions.


lol @ Muslims and Afrocentrics pushing their agendas onto American Indians and American Indian history. Face it, Islam and African Americans were in the Americas in post-colonial times.


A very narrow minded person who afraid to face the truth. He is blind folded by the wealth of the world and not ready to prepare for the after life. May Allah have mercy on him.


You truly don't understand slavery or Islam. Islam opens the eyes of people making them better aware of their harsh situation. These people are more likely to run away.


for other supporting evidences, just googling "sequoyah" or "selocta". Then look at their dress! Is it Indianese dress or Arabian dress? You conclude it.


The head "turban" was introduced as an interim headdress when a Cherokee delegation was taken to England. The coverings were left over from a previous delegation from India and used on the Cherokee then present because their appearance was too "shocking" for the fairy Euro types. lol @ Bruce and lol @ any misinformation to islamify Natives, man I tell ya.

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